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My name is Amelie, and Callibella is my photography business.

I have always been an observer. Photography lets me do just that, and much more. After a few years working in photography, I came to realize that it offered me much more than a chance to create beautiful images. It is an open door to humanity. I love getting to know new people. Discovering who you are and what makes you tick. Talking with you about your session or your wedding day. Discussing the big picture and the endless details.

And when finally the day comes when you are in front of my camera, we will have such a good time together. You will even come close to forgetting about my camera. Your images are then put through a tough time, when only the very best survive and come out all beautified — that’s to say I work on image selection and editing. After that comes my favorite moment : handing you your pictures. I love the knowledge that the images that we created together become part of your memory. They are yours to share.

I can be very talkative at times… and I can also find myself at a loss for words. Especially written words. I hope visiting my blog will help you to get a good idea of who I am. If my work speaks to you, please get in touch with me.

I look forward to photographing you.