If you wake up really early, Muir Woods Monument is less than an hour away from Berkeley. On the road the views are breathtaking. The fog lingering on the Bay is surreal. We arrived early enough at the park to […]

Very proud to see that this urban, colorful engagement session in Lyon is today published on a very pretty inspiration blog. Many thanks Julie for selecting this session, and many thanks to the couple for sharing their pictures! Share

Mariage sous la neige | Publication sur le blog de Madame C

Ahead of its publication here, check out theblog de Madame C to see the first images of a wonderful winter wedding. Share

Callibella publié sur le blog de Madame C

Ahead of their publication here, the images from Amandine and Ronan’s engagement session in Lyon are on le Blog de Madame C. Share


We had been planning this day for ages, setting it aside to be shared between friends. After weeks of freezing cold and depressing weather, a short, sudden few days of summer. Just in time for our day together. The first […]


Although I am very sensitive to cold weather, I have to admit that when properly dressed, a walk in the winter sunshine is pure wonder. And since it was with my dad, each of us with our camera, hunting for […]


Kim from Parisian Events features Valérie and Samuel’s tea party wedding (see the whole wedding coverage here). Thank you Kim! Share


Since I’ve been spending all my time engrossed in books lately, I thought admitting this obsession would be a fine start for my “About” section ^^ As far as I can remember, I have always loved books. Before I learned […]

Even before its publication on the Callibella blog, Christelle and Fred’s wedding is on the wedding blog “Un Beau Jour”. Share


First off, I would like to thank the friendly people who have already left comments on this blog. I sincerely appreciate the gesture : ) Have you noticed that even though there is a default image, some people manage to […]