What happens during a photo session? How much does a session cost?

A Callibella photo session includes:

  • Initial meeting (online if needed) to prepare your fully customized session
  • Actual photoshoot, which will last between 2 and 4 hours
  • Selection and post-production of each image
  • Delivery of 80 to 120 images in several sizes (including high resolution). Images are ready to be shared, visualized, printed and loved.

A Callibella photo session costs €650.

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What is your minimal wedding package? How much does it cost?

A Callibella wedding package includes a minimum of:

  • Advice and preparation for your wedding day, with in person and/or Skype meetings
  • Ten hours of photography on your wedding day
  • Selection and post-production of each image
  • Travel within 1h30 of Lyon on your wedding day
  • Online, private slideshow of ~100 images to share with your guests
  • Delivery of 600 to 800 images in several sizes (including high resolution). Images are ready to be shared, visualized, printed and loved.

This wedding package costs €1960.


Can we add photography and/or products to the minimal wedding package?

Yes. You can choose to add extra photography hours, a photography session (engagement, day after, trash the dress, bridal).


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Can we make our own prints and albums from our Callibella photos?

Yes you can. I deliver high resolution images, which are perfect for prints and albums.


Can you create an album for us?

I do not create albums, however I will happily direct you to professionals who are much better designers than I ever will be.

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What types of sessions do you offer?

I work mainly with couples, for engagement (or love) sessions, day after or trash the dress sessions and weddings. I also do family and kid sessions and portrait sessions with adults (mother-daughter, siblings, just for fun) which I love. If you have any other ideas, then please do not hesitate to contact me.


When should we contact you for our session/wedding?

The best is to write to me as soon as you know you wedding date, or as soon as you know you want to book a session. We will check my availability and start planning your session.

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Your prices are high for our budget, what can be done?

In this case, you could :

  • pay in several installments (no additional cost)
  • use your wedding list
  • ask your friends and family for help (as a birthday or Christmas present for example).


Do you really speak English?

I speak English. I love to speak English actually. I learned in school. I also spent a year in Sydney, Australia. Then another year in Manchester, UK. My boyfriend is American, so I also get to speak English at home.


How about other languages? Our guests will come from all over the world!

I speak some German (lived 2 years in Germany) and I can understand Spanish (if spoken slowly). And I’m good at making signs and faces to communicate. We’ll be fine.


Who made this site?

I am very grateful to both of them for their fantastic work.


I still have a question that was not answered here. What do I do?

You can send me an e-mail: amelie@callibella.fr or use the contact form.