Mathilde is a photographer in Tours, near all the beautiful Loire river castles. When she came to second shoot a wedding with me in July 2010, I seized the chance to steal her beloved lense (Canon 85mm F/1.2) and create […]


After a day of intense shopping, an evening spent chatting away and an early start the next morning, Sylvie, Mathilde and I met for the second part of their mother-daughter session. (The first part is over here!). Have I already […]


It is simply obvious, Mathilde and her mother Sylvie are like peas in a pod. For her mother’s birthday, Mathilde decided to book a photo session. When I arrived, they had thought of everything. They had picked the places where […]

Bérangère - Séance Callibella la nuit

There is something magical about dusk in a city. A short, wonderful moment when the sky takes a deep blue shade. A balanced feast where city lights and the last of the natural light work together. Shop windows turn into […]