temoignage mariage chartreuse pomier Testimony | Alexandra and Antoine

Dear Amélie

We would like to THANK YOU for these wonderful images! We can’t stop looking at our wedding pictures, this was such an important day for us. The photos really correspond to what we had in mind when we decided to get married and started the difficult task of finding our wedding photographer.

We appreciate your good mood, professionalism and discretion, which made the whole process easy and pleasant. We keep wonderful memories of our first session in Confluence, Lyon. At first we were slightly puzzled by this “engagement session”, but we spent a day filled with fun and have awesome pictures. They complement our wedding pictures so perfectly that we are thinking of having other sessions, just for fun! We will contact you again, should another opportunity arise …

We wish you all the best for the future, both for your professional and personal life!

With all our friendship,
Alexandra & Antoine, June 2012

Engagement session in Confluence, Lyon

Wedding at Chartreuse de Pomier, France

temoignage mariage international pramenoux Testimony | Céline & Chris

Finding a wedding photographer is really tough and you really wish to find the one special person who will be able to capture this magical day for the rest of your life. As we live in Canada and were getting married in French Beaujolais, it was even more difficult. Luckily I finally found Amélie. I immediately fell in love with her style, my husband liked it too, so I wrote to her as fast as I could. In addition to being an extraordinary photographer, Amélie is also perfectly bilingual, which was utterly important for our multicultural wedding.

We first spoke on Skype, and finally met in person a few days before the wedding to settle the last details. During the whole process, we were perfectly confident and reassured. Amélie is very open, flexible and full of creativity to take unique pictures of everyone. On our wedding day, Amélie was on time, knew how to be everywhere while staying unobtrusive. She took pictures from evey angle (even lying on the floor when needed!) but stayed invisible. She was close to our guests but didn’t make them feel uncomfortable. Several persons even asked me if she was a friend of mine!
Our wedding pictures left us speachless and we loved Amélie’s work. She was able to capture our emotions and the beauty of Pramenoux, and even made us look beautiful on some portraits icon smile Testimony | Céline & Chris

We were happy to recommend her work to our friends and were thrilled when she accepted to cross the ocean to photograph our friend’s wedding in Toronto the next year!

An international wedding in Pramenoux

Céline & Chris, June 2010

temoignage bebethomas Testimony | Baby Thomas
Here is the message I received from Amélie, baby Thomas’ mother, when she discovered the first images from their session :

Honestly, they are amazing!! We had just had a very short night with Thomas, and I was in a really bad mood this morning. But when I opened your email … I smiled up to my ears!! You are truly gifted. The colors and the feelings in each photo … it is purely magical! Congratulations, you have a real talent for photography, you should never doubt that!! Our Thomas, he is gorgeous in black and white as well as in color!

Dixit Jérôme “if you are as gifted in cancer research as in photography, cancer should start worrying” icon wink Testimony | Baby Thomas

It was a real pleasure to spend this morning with you, you made it easy for us to be ourselves and the result is up to our expectations.


View this session

Translation from French to English by Callibella
PS. Yes. In my other life, I take part in cancer research, and I am really proud of that ^^

temoignage sandra damien jerome Testimony | Sandra We always try to take beautiful photos of our family, our little boy … we try as much as we can to pay attention to details but there is always something that doesn’t work out. And we only ever notice that when the magical moment is long gone. One day, I realized I had had enough of this and wanted a photographer to create an album of my son, who is growing up and changing on a daily basis. And so I started my quest for a photographer on the internet. I saw everything and mostly, I saw what I absolutely did not want: forced smiles of kids posing in a studio with a colored background!

Finally, I visited the “Butterfly Moments” website and I was lucky to meet Amélie. Two years on, I now follow her adventures on her new website, Callibella. It was love at first sight! There was spontaneity, colors, gorgeous backgrounds and landscapes. There was laughter and life. I immediately knew this was what I wanted for my son. However, I was stressed since it was my first experience with a photographer. Amélie was able to relieve the pressure from us and we spent a wonderful afternoon. My son liked Amélie right from the start. She was patient, kind and funny during the whole session.

The time came when we received the first photo, as a first taste … I teared up! This was exactly what I was expecting. The rest of the images kept its promises and we created our prints, large and small. It made us happy, and the grandparents too. Today, I am expecting my 2nd child and I am looking forward to Amélie photographing first my pregnancy, and then our family of four.

A photo-loving mum, and a great fan of Amélie’s talent

French to English translation by Amélie

temoignage alex jess Testimonial | Jess & Alex
First of all, my wife and I live in Toronto, Canada which is far from where Amélie usually works.

We met Amélie during one of our friends wedding in a chateau near Lyon in France. We loved how she worked with the bride, the groom and their families and specially how not intrusive she was, how she blended in. We thought she was a friend of the bride who was a photograph (how lucky they are ! we thought). We saw later our friends wedding pictures and were impressed by the quality of the shots.

When it was our turn to elope, we were looking for a good photograph. We live in Toronto, Canada and we couldn’t find our match (elegant, fresh and sophisticate that would blend in our multicultural event). I then contacted my friend and ask her if Amélie would come to Canada to become our photograph during our wedding.

She was totally up for it. That was great news to us, and she is bilingual (French and English – my wife is Canadian and I’m French) ! She was so kind to have taken a lot of time off (and potentially other weddings) to cross the ocean. As the result, we got what we wanted : amazing shots and lot of memories. But the most important part was how easy it was to work with her and how it was a pleasure to have her on board for our special day!

Jessica and Alexandre
August 2011

temoignage anneclaire sylvain Testimonial | Anne Claire and Sylvain

We would like to thank Amélie for being our wedding photographer.

We love her work, built around light and color contrasts. All along our adventure, she kept giving us suggestions, and was always paying attention to our needs.

On our wedding day, we spent a perfect day in her company. We were truly happy that she was with us for all of these moments. Her warmth and smile allowed us to enjoy each moment of our day, while taking the time for photos. More than once, with all the stress of the day, we were reassured by Amélie’s presence!

Amélie really has a taste for all things romantic, and surprises. Add to this an ever-renewing photographer’s eye, and you will get wonderful wedding pictures …

Their vintage, colorful engagement session in Lyon

Their “guinguette chic” wedding in Burgundy, France

Anne-Claire and Sylvain
Juillet 2011

French to English translation by Amélie

temoignage amandine ronan Testimonial from Amandine and Ronan


We chose Amélie to document our wedding, and couldn’t be happier!

Each meeting was really fun, Amélie is full of life and always in a good mood.

Her photos are fantastic. She has managed to see our personality and to reveal in her images. We never tire of looking at them.

During our wedding, Amélie was discreet and reassuring. She was always at the right place at the right time to photograph the most beautiful moments of our day.

Our guests kept congratulating us on her kindness. She won everybody over!

Amandine & Ronan
December 2010

Traduction from French to English by Amélie

temoignage christelle enfants A testimony from Christelle and her children


“A photo speaks for itself, there is no need for explanation. Everybody understands the same thing.” Yann Arthus-Bertrand.


No word has ever been found to describe the love of a mother, or the love of siblings.

It took getting in front of Amélie’s camera to “see” the strength of our bounds and how obvious the tenderness and sharing between us really was.

Amélie, you gave us so much during this session… This life that we share, the kids and I, makes it easy to forget to take the time to stop and really look at the most precious thing we have: the love we share.

It was truely wonderful to get in front of your lens without even noticing it!

With all our friendship,
Christelle, Dylan, Lucas et Coline

March 2011

Translation of this testimony from French to English made by Amélie.

temoignage beran Testimonial | Bérangère


“Do you have some free time in the evening sometime soon? I’d like to try out the light during a night session, but really we’d mostly be having a good time!”


How could I resist such a request? And there we were, in the streets of Villeurbanne, at night fall. I was playing with my coat, Amélie with the lights. If I felt shy at the beginning, I must say that it didn’t last and I had a lot of fun!

Amélie catches pinks, blues, small, forgotten ID pictures just like in the movie “Amélie Poulain”. Smoothly. Happily.

Bérangère, February 2010
French to English translation by Amelie

View the session here.

temoignage aude nico Testimony | Aude and Nicolas
When our little Arthur was 4 months old, we asked Amélie to photograph him.

We spent a day with her. We never had the feeling we were posing. The day went extremely fast and we had a lot of fun.

And when she sent us her pictures we were in for a great surprise! The photos were magnificent!

Amélie managed to take wonderful pictures while keeping it all fun an light for everybody. We truly loved the many expressions of our little man. Days like this one are a real delight!!!

Aude and Nicolas
November 2009

French to English translation by Amélie

temoignage sophie cyril Testimony | Sophie and Cyril


Dear Amélie,

We feel so lucky to have started with you the long series of wedding assignments that have brought you recognition as a wedding photographer.

A walk through Lyon, a wedding in Annecy, a personalized guest book and many good moments were shared.

You gave us beautiful memories from our wedding, and so we thank you. Thank you for your authenticity and your originality. Our guest still talk about your work.

All the best for you and for Callibella.

Cyril and Sophie
August 2009

Translation from French to English by Amélie

temoignage isildaya Testimonial | Isildaya


“I need to test my second camera, and I would like to photograph your daughter.”


That’s just what we did, on a beautiful autumn day.

Isildaya was sick, slightly grumpy in the beginning. And then we went to play in the Parc with the leaves, with the huge sticks. She walked around, singing lalala ♪. We met some ducks, other kids, and friends. We rolled in the grass, played in the light and ran everywhere. What a fantastic day !

I think that this second camera is just as magical as the first. The two of them do wonders in Amélie’s hands :).

Béran, Max et Isildaya
Automne 2008

French to English translation by Amélie

callibella temoignages appel Testimonial call


If I photographed a session or wedding for you in the past and would like to send me your testimonial, I would be most grateful.

See you soon!